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Ⓒ Ori Jones Photography
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Katherine will be performing in the cabaret, "Here Comes the Sun" at Canal Cafe Theatre at the end of April. She will be directing a staged reading of her play, "Sorrow, 1882" to be produced at the Cafe Van Gogh in early June. 


Katherine can currently be seen in French national commercial "ENGIE" directed by Vincent Lobelle and short film, "And They Were Roommates" premiering at Deuxmila30 International Film Festival at the end of June. 


At the end of November, Katherine produced a staged reading of her original play, "Sorrow, 1882". After spending some time with family in Alaska, Katherine has moved back to London with her partner and is so excited to continue working in and being inspired by the London artistic community. 

Ⓒ Ori Jones Photography

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